TL-2B: What Then Should We Do?


After contemplating the issue of the "project" for quite some time now, I have come to recognize that several very basic concepts come into play when reviewing this complex undertaking of serving God and His purposes.

One:  That the scope of this or any project is really a self serving venture unless it is put into a proper light. You must focus on the end purpose for which it came into being. Any genuine work is more than a proof system for honoring the great works God presented in the Bible; It is thus of utmost importance in what we do with the knowledge when we have obtained it.

Two:  That the real purpose in any "project" is the simplification of the source of information to encourage, embolden and equip other individuals to complete the purposes of our God in waiting for Christ's return. If as for example, I have gone to this great extent to accomplish an understanding of the Bible, then what good is it if not communicated in a meaningful manner.

Three:  That in communicating a more simplistic presentation derived from this "project," there are basic core principles that structure a righteous life support system; and the implementation of these values as a daily habit of our desire to effectively serve Godly interests are aimed at strengthening successful personal and corporate completion of varied ministry objectives.

These core principles are related to the issues of :


1. Love

2. Moral Integrity

3. Use of Resources

4. Faith


The conflict over our life and potential destruction of our ability to abide and walk effectively with God is affected by our recognition and activation of these core principles individually and corporately as a church.  If we are cognizant of these core principles then our ability to do the effective work of walking with God in a ministry function comes into focus.

The converse of these core principles are:


1.  Any act of by emotional, spiritual and/or physical nature that demeans God's loving enjoyment of His creation in a life source. i.e. Philosophical considerations for the beauty of life that would detract, restrain, misdirect from its useful creation or prematurely end its mark on our existence because of it. (This would of course entail a full litany of related subjects inclusive of the human degradation of the act of sex in the attempt to strip sexual relations of spiritual meaning and rob us of glory in His enjoyment of life by trivializing sex as a mere human bodily function.)


2.  The consistent and persuasive use of deception in values that are not directed to embolden others to live a Godly life in relations with fellow Christians and our secular fellow mankind. If the misdirection detracts from up-building and strengthening the individual and church at large; it will attack the connected "source" of our spiritual base in doing God's will.


3.  The misuse of resources is the most destructive core principle. It is greed for the control over an environment resource that affects and weighs in heavily on the observer and participant. Most generally the immediate reaction to resource obtainment places the believer in a potential position of valuing the resource with more regard than the faith that the believer has invested in God. The selfish independence gained in the power of resource obtainment causes a presumed lessening of a need for God because of it.  In other words our relationship is based in our faith in Him and His provision for our living in eternity and our immediate needs. When we inappropriately utilize our gain or obtain it in a unrighteous manner, it affects adversely our entire belief system, core principles and ability to serve in a ministry function.


4.  The directive of any attack at the core principles is really centered in removal of our faith from the equation of life. If the cornerstone of our faith in a belief system can be broken, then the ability of effective Holy Spirit communication with us can be impeded if not curtailed. This would of course hamper an essential building block of faith. This division and conquer thru removal of an integral part of our support system causes restriction, confusion and ineffective focus on purpose, resulting doubt, and ultimately humanistic reassessment as a result of "human self reliance."


Four:  That there are 5 simple daily building blocks for individual and corporate maintenance easily within our grasp to support the fulfillment of our Godly destiny and aid in overcoming the converse side that attacks the "core principles."


1.  Body: The attention to our bodily function as a vessel to support the purpose of serving God.


2.  Heart: When the body is in good function the heart is willing to actively drive the body to enact the directive of the other connected life sources into action for service to God.


3.  Mind: To drive the source of God's direction in willing the body and heart to do His biding.


4.  Soul: The individual or emotional desire to make real the personal connection to life's purpose that God gives each of his children.


5.  Spirit: The direct connection to God's life source which is the Holy Spirit signaling the Soul to communicate with the Mind to drive the Heart to gear the Body for service.


Five:  When the core principles and the girding up of the individual and corporate body are undertaken and understood, the function of Godly service and ministry to each other and our Creator can be more completely consumed in completing the Great Commission in waiting for Christ's return.


(Since the "project" was a exhaustive one that ran the gamut of many different ideas, I will make one quick additional point very clear to those who are conscious of the use of and the attainment of power. "I have wanted to make the below quote for some time!")


"It is not whom arrives first in making any realization; nor is it the knowledge and use of power obtained in it; But rather it is the journey that makes all the importance in the end result." E.L.Gross Jr.