TL-2A: Author's Testimonial

Observation on a Testimonial by Author:

In regard to writing a “fish” story, I have my own comment to add please. Some of you may not think it unusual that I come from Minnesota, “The Land of Many Waters;” and that I was born in Minneapolis, “The City of Lakes.”  After all this is the land of Paul Bunyan, Babe the Blue Ox and some mighty tall stories.  You may even think it ordinary in some way; and that it might influence my story telling.  It does and, well, it does not too! As you know some of us just plain catch bigger fish.  And that is the very simple fact of it!  But this!  Well this is something different!

It is what we would call "Some" fish story.  Huh?  Have you read my autobiography?  And being from Minnesota you would certainly not expect less?  Sure, you might think that it must have been awfully hot in the ole fish house one night to cook that story up?  And the beer, well let us not talk about that right now!  I will add however, even I think it would be a great story if that were all there was to it. Was it a fish story?

It is not!  But anyone who thinks it is a fish story; I’d sure like to meet you.  Because I’m sure you must have a few to tell too!  I've got an even greater fish story for you!

That’s how fishers of men get started I guess?  Let see now?  Was it Jesus who asked two sets of fishermen to come follow after him?  Why two sets?  I think it was so that they could tell each other and us incredible stories.  Maybe Jesus had an idea about the camaraderie?  What about the out going positive mindset of fishermen?  What about the reliance on each other?  What about the competitive nature?  Why did they drop everything to follow the most incredible story known to mankind?

That is probably where it all began?  You know, some fishermen can really bend an ear with a good story.  The other side is true too; but I think those types really don’t go fishing.  They mope in a boat they float without hope.  Fortunately a fishing story is usually a good one.  It helps the soul to think that there is a big one out there for us to catch.

Our salvation and the opening of a relationship with God began because of faith in Jesus’ death on the cross.  Fishermen spread that story through out the ancient world.  They were common hardworking men.  It must have been long hard work.  The story telling was probably a very well-defined art back then.

Jesus was their pilot.  Jesus made it all much simpler for them.  They just had to prepare themselves for working the net.

Jesus became their mediator with God.  Jesus opened up a new relationship with God for everyone.  All we have to do is admit that we have fallen short of the Glory of God; that we are sinners; and that Jesus Christ is our Savior we trust in for our salvation.

That is a pretty simple story.  It is! But the effect that it will have on you and every one that you met will be astounding.  All of history is wrapped up in God’s love for us.  His more than fabulous gift to us of Jesus was so that we might again commune with Him.

In a world so completely lost to itself and so dramatically opposite to God’s teachings, a Savior was needed to set the course straight.  It was true then.  It is still true today.  What are we waiting for when we can go, pray, and talk to Him now?  Jesus is our pilot back to God. Jesus makes the whole relationship with God have value and meaning when you understand how lost and separated we are to ourselves.

When I was a child I wanted to understand this separation, so that I might explain it more succinctly.  I think God has put into me a unique understanding of this separation because of the life I lived when younger and mentioned in my autobiography.

Life is confusing with every man now days having his own take on everything.  God makes it simple.  The Bible indicates it clearly.  No man gets to the Father but thru Christ Jesus.  It is that simple.  It is that direct. It is that narrow.  It is that real. It is that sure.

Jesus paid the price for us.  His willingness to make Himself a sacrificial life at the cross opened the door to a new covenant with God.  Jesus became our great advocate before God.  God the Father will accept us with our sins blotted out because of the life restoring ministry of Jesus Christ His son.

Did God play a duel role as Jesus the son of God too?  We clearly know there is a connection.  We simply accept it as truth.  That relationship of God, Son and Holy Spirit is known by several terms some of which are Trinity, Godhead and Triune God.

You don't have to worry about it.  You can have that same sense of assurance today for your life.  But you must be born again.

Ask Christ into your life today to receive the Holy Spirit. Who knows?  You may have a incredible story to tell us fishermen some day!

Thanks dads everywhere for taking us children fishing!

Edward L. Gross Jr.