For what reason would I want to comment on this subject? (ADVAD/SAM)

Good question?

As a crazy place to go, the internet is today's place to rant and carry on?  Right?  Well, how do you present these difficult ideas in any kind of meaningful manner?  How do your structure them in some semblance that is organized yet personable?  After all isn't the point of all of this meant to communicate with someone? And don't you really hope that it makes sense as well?

I guess that was my attempt.  But in thinking about it as a theologian, I consider myself more of a philosopher in style and that ideas are not confined by a simplistic view of a subject; but rather I think one that involves many ideas that relate. That is itself a simplistic statement. As in relating the ideas I think that there is a lot more than just the idea that becomes exposed but the responsibility to the idea as well.

As you can see I tend to take different tacks as I plot the journey of my development of an idea.  That is what made the ADVAD/SAM project encouraging to me.  And why I structured the different ideas as struck by them. Not so much by when the idea came about to me; but its importance to the other ideas that I was working on.

So the ideas taken individually may have a disconnect; But when aligned together I make some usefulness out them.  I would never suggest what I have done to be superior to any elses work. Just that they are mine. And that they are important to me.  Since I do not have a research team with unlimited funds to support my work, I have had to make my own conclusions after some 12,000 hours of research to support what I have discovered.

It is really a matter of faith in God's grace that any of this amounts to much of anything!

So I rest my case and humbly do not make a statement of any other greatness as a result of my efforts. I never intended them to be anything other than a collection of my thinking on the many subjects structured as a result of the New Covenant teachings.

In that (these constructions) my rambling on may account for some good; and any tying up of the many pieces in the manner I have attempted may somehow serve me up some justice as a result of my life's journey.

I believe that I should be thankful then that I can share any of this with you!

E L Gross Jr.